SM Modern is a private engagement, independent home developer.

We work to provide unique living spaces, eco-friendly floor-plans and construction, completed with high-quality materials and craftsmanship to bring you the home of your dreams.

SM is passionate about good design unique to each location that a home lives in. We take time to learn about our clients; who they are and the desires they have for their home. Your home should be an extension of who you are as an individual and a family. Supporting your lifestyle and sometimes defining it.

Jon’s vision started when he and his wife Donna were looking for home builders that could understand their taste in modern architecture and would go above and beyond in the building process to build a home that would stand the test of time. The search was arduous and went unrewarded. There were no apparent truly engaged individuals or viable solutions, except one.

So with Jon’s extensive background in business and design, Donna’s financial background and attention to detail, through their like-mindness, the two set out to fulfill their own high standards and requirements, through their own efforts. The search was over, SM Modern was born.

Our vision is not that unique, delivering on it is.

Your initial expectation and excitement during the discovery and design process must be exceeded in the delivery, functionality and durability of the final product. After all, it is YOUR home. Something to be proud of and take respite in. A place of rejuvenation and reinvigoration. Your private oasis. The tangible reward of a challenging building process and daily reward of your demanding life now simplified!

Your home should be as unique as you and your family.

SM Modern takes this into consideration as we design your home from your favorite color to your economic needs.