Floorplan Design

Whether you selected an existing floor plan or approved a floor plan sketch, this is where your dream home begins to take shape.

The floor plans that we create at SM are completely unique, custom and customizable. SM also modifies floor plans by leading architects and designers to work with the land and meet the needs of our clients. So if you need an extra garage port, we can add it. If you’d like the master bathroom bigger, we can do that too. Your home floor plan will be yours exclusively. No two homes will ever be the same.

If you have opted for a completely custom home and have approved a floor plan sketch, we begin the process of converting those sketches to working floorplans with local drafting resources. This is a process of refinement that we work to get it right structurally and functionally correct for you.

Once we have arrived upon agreed floor plan design, elevations are then created to refine the character of the exterior of your home. In this process a preliminary identification of materials may take place in conversation about the aesthetics – both interior and exterior.

Your home should be as unique as you and your family.​

SM Modern takes this into consideration as we design your home from your favorite color to your economic needs.